Mr. Juan Arenas Marquez

Mr. Juan Arenas Marquez

Juan Arenas was born in Olvera, Spain. He have more than 15 years of experience in the field of Software Development leading national and international projects for a wide range of customers leading different sectors (Resources, R&D, Government, Finances AND Products) most of this experience was obtained working for Accenture in different positions including: Project Manager, Controller, CMMI Quality Coach, Solution Architect.

Juan was consistently and continuously promoted as a result of his performance. These rewards were a direct result of his expertise in Team Building, Continuous improvement, Stakeholder Management, Project Management, Agile, Software engineering and his personal commitment to professional excellence. All these skills and expertise enable him to help his teams to deliver excellent results, via a continuous improvement culture.

Juan started to be involved in research projects in 2009 when he left Accenture to start his own company being involved in a number of start-ups and R&D projects. In 2012 he started to run the Technology Officer position at CISTIB becoming Workpackage Leader and member of the project board of different EU funded projects: MySpine, VPH-Share, VPH-Dare@IT. He have been aslo taking a decisive role in promoting and applying Best Project Management practices in order to anticipate risks and efforts and to make the most of the available resources.







ECCB2014 Scientific committee

OSVIS2014 Leveraging Open Source for Geographically Dispersed Workflows

Role: Research Support

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