Track record of sharing

Within VPH-DARE@IT activities, dissemination will aim at facilitating the communication effort of the consortium with a range of stakeholders, including:

  • The European Union as a whole;
  • The academic community (via promoting the publication and visibility of project output);
  • The clinical end-recipients of the know-how developed;
  • The industrial partners interested in the uptake of the new knowledge produced.

This will involve also the outreach to related VPH projects, the VPH Network of Excellence, and the VPH Institute, the DISCIPULS support action, and the infrastructure IP, VPH-Share. VPH-DARE@IT will engage actively with the community through its core partners’ membership in the VPH Institute, which is expected to organise the future VPH conferences.

We will also engage in dialogue with projects and researchers modelling the impact of environment on health:

Socio-economic environmental large databases such as the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) by the German Institute for Economic Research (data of over 26 years for the same person; contacts established);

  • The multi-centre RCT Finnish Geriatric Intervention study to prevent cognitive impairment and disability (FINGER) combining comprehensive clinical data, environmental demographics, etc.;
  • The Rotterdam Study, a prospective cohort study comprising a total of 10 994 subjects and data on current health status, medical history, smoking habits, socio-economic status, drug use, dietary habits, alcohol consumption, and physical activity;
  • Environmental agencies such as the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Unit Exposure Assessment and Health Indicators (contacts established);
  • National and regional patient/disease registries (e.g. SveDem – Swedish Dementia Registry with 16 000 registered patients;
  • Quality of healthcare registries;
  • EU FP7 projects in the research area environment and health (e.g. environmental modelling for the mitigation of health risks (EO2HEAVEN), on integrating environmental and health data, and on the FP7 call for funding of the European Exposome (ENV.2012.6.4-3 Integrating environmental and health data to advance knowledge of the role of environment in human health and well-being in support of a European exposome initiative).