November 2017 - VPH-DARE@IT Procedures & Data Collection, organised by the European Commission: Through a patient Journey


October 2015 - This video showing the different VPH-DARE@IT Platforms has been presented at the ICT 2015 Conference - Innovate, Connect, Transform, 20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, organised by the European Commission.


May 2015 - The first version of the Research Platform is now available. This video shows how to query a database, start a workflow execution, and get the results in a cloud remote desktop.

There is also available an interactive version (www.vph-dare.eu/wp7/mockup) which allow the research community to get a flavour of how it would look like and also to give them the opportunity to provide input in order to drive the development process by identifying missing features.



VPH-DARE@IT at the European Federation of Neurolog...

The VPH-DARE has been included in the EFNA newsletter. Here's the link to the [ ... ]

VPH-DARE@IT - Third Year Review

The VPH-DARE@IT Third Year Review was held in Brussels on 9-10th June 2016.  [ ... ]

Posters presented at the VPH-DARE@IT Third Year Re...

Posters presented at the VPH-DARE@IT Review held in Brussels on 9-10th June 2 [ ... ]

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