Health technology assessment (HTA)

The project will develop a socio-economic and technology assessment method (HTA) that includes also a prospective clinical impact analysis approach. From a user, stakeholder and market perspective, this task will:

  • Develop upon and adapt in the VPH and other contexts proven approaches, methods and tools to the specific environment and objectives of this work package;
  • Establish a set of meaningful criteria and their measurement instruments and processes that are robust to demonstrate socio-economic benefit-cost impacts
  • Incorporate health economic considerations underlying the onset and the progression of dementia in a European context.

HTA will serve as a support tool delivering information useful for health system actors and decision makers to allow them to arrive at more factual, evidence-based decisions and policy measures. It will also support the project in developing business cases when implementing the VPH-DARE@IT models, tools and decision-support systems.

Led by empirica and supported by all project partners, this work will involve applying proven HTA methods, to be adapted towards the specific characteristics of VPH-related RTD. Results from work on verification of simulation model approaches, structures and functionalities will become a key HTA input. To support these goals VPH-DARE@IT will make use of the VPH-Share infostructure which provides a base for the deployment of  both computational and storage resources including a number of out of the box tools that will speed up the process to incorporate data, develop research workflows and support the clinical tools.