Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Exploitation

EU-funded RTD is geared towards the development of new, exploitable technologies benefiting European research, health service providers, industry, and ultimately the citizen. An early prospective impact assessment also to guide further technological development -as well as the development of realistic exploitation strategies is essential for the creation of RTD based innovative services, like clinical decision support systems (CDSS) which are to prevail in today’s highly competitive markets - be they “academic”/clinical trial and RTD markets, be they health services or commercial markets.

In accordance with the above rationale, this project will pursue the following specific objectives:
  • To support from the outset, in a formative approach, overall RTD activities of the project
  • Based on an innovative VPH-DARE@IT Health Technology Assessment (HTA) framework, to prospectively assess clinical impact on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia, and socio-economic costs and benefits.
  • To provide a clear health system and health technology dimension from the outset: clinical and socio-economic benefits and costs assessment allowing a sound evaluation and planning of exploitation possibilities.
  • Exploitation and business planning: To explore the conditions under which the project results can be transformed into significant improvements of the knowledge, the health and the wealth of the citizens of Europe.
  • To facilitate and support the research teams/RTD WPs and project partners in carrying research output of the project beyond its lifetime into a market environment.
  • To define the relevant markets in which the final modelling solution, or individual sub-components, can be exploited.
  • To design an exploitation plan, including business planning.
The health technology assessment (HTA) as applied and performed by this WP will serve as a support tool delivering information useful for health system actors and decision makers to allow them to arrive at more factual, evidence-based decisions and policy measures, supporting the RTD WPs in developing business cases when implementing the VPH-DARE@IT models, tools, and decision support systems.