The clinical / healthcare market

The clinical/healthcare market is one in which VPH technology is deployed by healthcare providers; the decision support tools and systems directly support services provided to the patient at the point-of-care. This market can have two segments:

  1. One involves VPH technologies being purchased directly by health service providers.
  2. In the other segment, the VPH technology is only an intermediate good, which serves as input to larger, even more integrated health IT systems then sold to health services providers. In this segment, the customer is the medical IT industry rather than the clinical world directly.

In both segments, clinicians are the end-users of the technology and thus clinical achievements are of pivotal importance to the potential for deployment and market penetration.

The VPH-DARE@IT outcomes will target both segments, albeit a connection to or even integration with routine clinical information systems is clearly preferable, because this will allow immediate access to and making use of the respective patient’s individual data.