Geographical distribution

The consortium is composed by 20 partners, which spans 6 EU member states (AT, DE, FI, NL, UK, PT) and 2 associated countries (NO, CH).

The consortium behind VPH-DARE@IT constitutes a finely balanced blend of expertise and know-how, ideally suited to address the challenges of the proposed research programme. As a whole, the consortium exhibits certain unique strengths in medicine, biomedical sciences, engineering and physical sciences, and social sciences.

This current cadre of partners includes:

  • 13 academic research organizations with both bringing in engineering and physical (USFD, UOXF, VTT,EMC, ETHZ, UCL, ICL) and biomedical sciences (USFD, UIO, EMC, UEF, UMA, INSERM) expertise,
  • 8 public/private hospitals and/or medical schools (USFD, UOXF, EMC, HIRS, STH, UEF, UMA),
  • 3 small and medium enterprises (ASD, EMP, TO), and
  • 4 large industrial partners (PMS, PRH, ESI, HIRS).