• Define novel memory disorder biomedical biomarkers, available for predictive multi-scale model-building and personalisation, as well as for earlier differential diagnostics, to be made accessible through the VPH-SHARE infrastructure.
  • Extend our understanding of dementia, aided by a unified multi-scale modelling approach that fully accounts for environmental influences on metabolism, biophysics, physiology, clinical biomarkers and lifestyle.
  • Develop and disseminate novel integrative modelling strategies and Open Source research modelling platforms that unravel brain ageing processes and progression of dementias through high-throughput data analysis.

The final objective is to turn know-how and methods into an innovative, integrative and objective clinical decision support platform for the early and differential diagnosis of memory disorders based on principles of evidence-based medicine and extensions of PredictAD technology (www.predictad.eu).

The resulting integrated clinical decision support platform will be validated/tested by access to a dozen databases of international cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, including exclusive access to a population study that has tracked brain ageing in more than 10,000 individuals for over 20 years (Rotterdam Study).The project will also quantify the benefits and costs of using the VPH-DARE@IT platform by both clinicians and industry and contribute to the competitiveness of our industrial partners.

Our Promises

  • Deliver a systematic, multifactorial and multiscale modelling approach to understanding dementia;
  • Explore the lifestyle and environmental factors that predispose to its development, and
  • Deliver more objective and accurate differential diagnosis than what is available thus far in Europe,
  • Shorten the current average 20-month time lapse between the onset of cognitive and memory deficits and its specific clinical diagnosis.