Dr. Julien Sénégas

Dr. Julien Sénégas

Julien Sénégas received a PhD in spatial statistics from the University “Ecole des Mines de Paris” (France) in 2002. His PhD thesis was on the application of Monte Carlo simulation metrhods to stereo-vision. Subsequently, he joined Philips Research to work on model-based segmentation techniques for cardiac MRI. In recent years, he has been working on several topics related to MR methods (reconstruction, relaxometry, diffusion) and to workflow improvement for MRI and CT. He has contributed to over 50 publications and conference abstracts and 23 patents in this area.

Research interests

  • MRI methods (reconstruction, relaxometry, diffusion, susceptibility)
  • Workflow improvement in MRI and CT
  • Inverse problems, estimation theory
Role: Researcher

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